Diesel Tanks, Hydraulic Tanks for OEMs

High quality diesel, hydraulic tanks and components
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Custom Engineered OEM Tanks

Our highly trained experts can design and engineer both diesel and hydraulic tanks for any market and for any space. We start with a full tank system concept and design. We follow through with high quality tank production. Your tank will comply with FMSCA certifications. It will be built with cost savings in mind and JIT programs are available. We use 100% made in the USA materials including our steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Custom Engineered Tank Examples:

Oil/Natural Gas - Designed with outstanding performance and durability. Our tanks stand up to the rugged conditions in the field and come with a wide range of accessories to fit any situation. (Custom Solution: Hydraulic Fracturing)

Construction/Cranes - Original projects require original and innovative designs. This is one market where our workmanship and quality give customers a true advantage - and peace of mind.

Emergency Vehicles - Our tanks are installed on hundreds of units across the country. Strong, durable and reliable, we design diesel tanks in aluminum and stainless steel. (Custom Solution: Emergency Equipment)

Snow Removal - Few markets bring more unique design challenges. The elements are harsh and unpredictable, calling for creative design solutions. (Custom Solution: Specialized Snow Plows)

Military - We have the specialized knowledge and highly technical expertise to serve a most demanding market. There is no room for error and we have a long history of passing this test. (Custom Solution: Military Application)

Agriculture - When you're up against the calendar, it's all about reliability. That's why we design with such care and test with such precision.

Railroad - In an industry known for tight space constraints, Cleveland Tank & Supply has a wide range of fuel tank solutions. We may develop tanks shapes you've never seen before. (Custom Solution: Railroad Maintenance)

Power Generation - No industry is changing more rapidly or more often. Our engineers have an unmatched level of experience and expertise. We're well-positioned to meet the changing needs of today - and tomorrow.

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