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Replacement Tanks Ready to Ship

Are you a fleet manager who needs replacement fuel tanks right away or a school transportation manager looking to save money on your school bus fuel tank systems?

We may have a DOT-certified tank — in stock right now — that fits your needs without a custom design.

Cleveland Tank & Supply has a number of pre-designed, direct replacement tanks and accessories for Class 8 trucks and buses. There can be a more cost effective way to build a complete tank system.

Same quality engineering
Our replacement tanks give up nothing when it comes to quality. Our replacement tanks are built with the same design expertise, quality manufacturing and certification assurances as our custom built diesel fuel tanks.

A complete system for immediate needs
Along with your replacement tank, we offer all of the accessories that you might need, including:

  • Mounting kit
  • Brackets
  • Straps
  • Rubber insulators

We use 100% made in the USA parts for every tank that we build.

Immediate shipment Tanks and Accessories

In stock now and ready to ship
We can have your replacement tank ready to ship within 48 hours. For heavy duty trucks, we support International, Freightliner, Ford and GMC. For school buses, we stock tanks for Thomas, Blue Bird and International.

Aluminum D Tanks - Lightweight, corrosion resistant, our aluminum D tanks can provide a cost-effective alternative to steel tanks.

Aluminum Diesel Fuel Tanks - Our cylindrical tanks are lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Rectangular Steel Tanks - We have both standard and step tank versions.

Direct Replacement Steel Fuel Tanks for FL Series Tanks with Steps Bolted into Tank - Replacement Series FL70, 80, 90 and FL106 diesel fuel tanks.

Direct Replacement Aluminum Fuel Tanks for FL Series Trucks - Replacement Series FL70, 80, 90 and FL106 aluminum fuel tanks reduce weight with improved corrosion resistance.

Mounting Hardware – We stock many styles of heavy duty brackets, straps, hat channel and insulators.

Accessories - We stock a variety of small parts that will finish your design. Fuel caps, insulators, sending units, sight gauges, check valves, vents, etc.

Other Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks - For those high corrosion type applications such as behind the rear axle.

Unique Design Tanks – When your envelope is restrictive and only a unique design will fit.

School Bus Tanks – Available now. Call for more information

Please call or contact us with your requirements.

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