FAQ's About Diesel Tanks

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What type of tanks does Cleveland Tank manufacture?

We manufacture diesel fuel and hydraulic tanks in steel, aluminum and SS to fit various makes of vehicles, oil field equipment, specialty equipment and trailers. Additionally we manufacture diesel fuel tanks to fit specific custom applications.

What information do I need to have on hand to inquire about a fuel tank?

Generally, the height, width, length, gallons, and whether the tank is steel or aluminum is a good place to start. Additionally, the year, make, model & part number of the tank is helpful. Is the tank side-mount or non-side mount? Are there any steps involved? Is it a step tank? Are there steps on the straps and/or brackets? The more information provided helps to ensure that the proper tank is quoted.

Are your tanks certified?

All of our tanks are certified to current DOT regulations.

What if I need a custom diesel fuel tank?

We manufacture many custom tanks per our Customer’s specifications. Prices are comparable to our in-stock tanks. Please allow additional lead times for custom tanks.

What is European Union Type Approval?

This is a means of certifying fuel tanks to ship to the European Union, a select group of countries adhering to a set of standards similar to FHWA in the United States. Cleveland Tank can supply “Type” Approved fuel tanks for export to the European Union.

Does Cleveland Tank manufacture gasoline fuel tanks?

No. We only manufacture diesel fuel and hydraulic tanks.

What is the largest gallon size fuel tank Cleveland Tank will manufacture?

Up to 185 gallons for side-mount applications, and 300 gallons for non-side mount.

Does Cleveland Tank manufacture “D” tanks?

Yes. We manufacture 16" and 19" D tanks.

I need a step tank. What does Cleveland Tank have available?

We have several step tanks in stock and ready for shipment. To name a couple, the RS1550ISRC will fit certain International Trucks and the RS1450ISRC-00 will fit some Ford and International applications

Does Cleveland Tank manufacture aluminum fuel tanks?

Cleveland Tank is noted for their wide variety of manufactured aluminum fuel tanks to fit a wide range of applications. Our CA26100CC-00 will fit some International applications. The CA1635CC-00, CS1635CC-00 and CS1660LC-50 diesel fuel tanks will fit some Nissan, Mitsubishi and Isuzu applications.